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    Candy is one of the types of food which utilizes almost every primary packaging container type that exists. Candy bars and pieces are individually packaged using flow wrappers, or dropped through vertical form fill seal machines for larger bags. In addition, bulk amounts of gummies or other candies are sold in tubs or clamshell containers, and all sorts of other candies are sold in premade pouches.

    The incredible variation in the types of candy available means that the types of equipment used in candy packaging takes on that same level of variation. Gummy candies require different contact surfaces to counteract their stickiness, while candy-coated chocolates and other confections need different modifications to keep them from moving through the system too freely.

    • Specifications

    Perfect Packaging Solutions for Many Candy Types

    Candy comes in many shapes and sizes and so do candy packages. From jelly beans and hard candies to medicated or cannibis-infused gummies and powders, the wide array of candy types means manufacturers need versatile packing machines.

    Pre-wrapped and unwrapped candies alike both need to be packed in attractive, economical overwrap bags for display on store shelves.


    Bag styles

    The ability to include euro slots, zippers and other bag features make VIZI PACK the candy industry’s preferred packaging machine supplier. Efficient, robust and dependable, VIZI PACK VFFS machines will not disappoint.

                 Pillow bag
              Gusseted Pouch
          Premade Pouch







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